RHAPSODY and related work

RHAPSODY is the tangible manifestation of marking activity viewed through multiple drawing episodes. Made of materials reminiscent of a mark distilled from a pencil drawing, the graphite and paper coated cotton rope traces the biography of a gesture and its appearance into form. Whether attached sequentially on the wall, dispersed on the floor or stacked in layers, RHAPSODY encourages the viewer to experience the intimacy, emergence and tactility of the drawing process. Related to RHAPSODY are SCROLL, CALLIGRAPHY and INTERVALS. These works focus on the gesture as wrist manufactured marking episodes.

RHAPSODYfloorHORIZON installed

Dimensions: 85 drawing episodes, dimensions and placement vary, Medium: graphite and paper coated rope, Date: 2008

gallery space is 3,000 square feet; location-Hafnarborg, Iceland



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